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Industrial Automation

Material Handling Systems


We develop and custom build Industrial Automation System, Material Handling Systems manual or fully automatic systems and variety of Conveyors tailor made to various industries. Innovation in modular  design is  adopted in all the systems  to deliver simpler  and cost effective  solutions.Our after sales support help us to evolve as  a dependable equipment  supplier  across India

Industrial Automation Systems:

We develop industry specific automation solutions for assembly process, material handling and special processes. We can completely design and develop concepts, manufacture and install the  entire project on a turn key basis at a shortest possible  time frame.

Material Handling Automation:
We provide material  handling solutions  designed to perform and exceed customer expectations. Depending upon the process the conveyors are used along with support systems like cross transfer units, lifters and stoppers to provide material handling solutions. Combination of belt conveyors, roller conveyors , chain conveyors with integrated pneumatic systems  are  used to provide complete automation of material handling .


We build simpler and reliable conveyor systems  that can move wide range of materials used by diverse industries.

Belt Conveyors:
They can convey wide variety of regular and irregular shaped products and carry light to medium loads.
We manufacture following types of belt conveyors:

•Flat Belt conveyor
•90 °Curved belt conveyors
•Modular  link belt Conveyor
•Inclined belt Conveyor
•Belts with cleats and side walls,
These are used in food processing,  manufacturing, assembly plants, packaging and warehousing•

Chain Conveyors:
Chain Conveyors are preferred for moving light, medium and heavy loads. Concept of modular design is adopted for flexibility in all the conveyors.Chain conveyor types are:

•Free Flow Chain Conveyor

•Double Plus Chain Conveyor
•Accumulation Chain Conveyor
Chain  conveyors are suitable for auto components, engineering goods, home appliances assembly lines

Roller Conveyors:
Roller Conveyors are  most commonly used conveyors. They are used for ware housing, glass handling, assembly lines. They  move wide variety of material of different sizes  and shapes. The rollers are driven by chain or belt. The rollers are mounted on sheet metal or aluminium profile tracks. Different types of roller conveyors are:

• Idle Roller

• Gravity  Roller
• Powered Roller Conveyor
• Straight Roller Conveyor
• Inclined Conveyor
• Curved Roller Conveyor
•Accumulation Roller Conveyors

Moving Towards Excellence!

What we do

Trident innovations is a young team of professionals lead and mentored by highly experienced technocrat in the field of material handling Technology and industrial Automation

We are specialized in developing Industrial Automation Systems, Material Handling Systems, Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, and Slat Conveyors for diverse industries.

‘Modular Design’ is the life line of all our products


Trident Innovations has been around since 2014, so we really mean it when we say "Moving is our business"